Sunday, June 17, 2007


I gave myself a case of tendonitis doing archaeology. It all started when my hand started hurting when I was using the trowel and the patiche. And sometimes I'd get a sharp pain if I picked up a bucket incorrectly. I thought it would go away. But it didn't.

At first I tried to crochet a little when I got off the Tel, but then I gave up. And when I was told I couldn't do archaeology for the rest of the season (at least digging) I gave up the crocheting. And now I've been diagnosed. I'm thinking I might not knit or crochet again until I leave the land of Milk, Honey, Acrylics, and Archaeological Injuries.

Which sucks. A lot. And my fingers just started to hurt now. You know how you can tell? I just swore. That's a bad archaeological habit I picked up. Luckily I didn't pick up smoking. Or heavy drinking. Yet.