Friday, February 08, 2008

coming home

When I came home from Israel, I was greeted by my housemate's cat. She had been up to a lot of mischief in my absence.

She is a yarn snob, and this is wool from China. It was up in my room, but apparently made its way down the stairs.

So I followed it up into my room.

And then found the original skein. Or what was left of it.

Oh well. I have 11 other skeins, and this one isn't too badly messed up.
I've been doing a lot of knitting lately, but I've also spun a bit. This is some silk that is coming out really thin, so I'll have to ply it. It's also taking forever.

The colors aren't so accurate because it was night and my flash is badly timed, but it's close enough. In reality the colors are more vibrant.

Also, there's this beret, which originally fit but quickly stretched out to gargantuan proportions. this was supposed to be a hat to make up for my hats that were too large or too wonky. Alas.

The next hat will fit. The next hat better fit. It will. If I have to knit it 20 times, it will fit.