Friday, April 30, 2010

10 sponge brushes

I like to use sponge brushes when I dye roving or yarn. They're good at soaking up the dye and transferring it onto the fiber. However, after a few uses and cleanings, the foam top starts to come off, and then you have to fight the brush to get it back on and stay there. This starts to get annoying. The brushes are very cheap, though, so it's not such a big deal for me.

For me, the brushes are actually free, because my dad owns a hardware store. It's quite a useful thing. I was going to go to the store last weekend when I was in RI (which is where the store is), but we ended up not visiting the store while I was there. So I called my dad and asked if he could send me 10 sponge brushes.

I got the package today, and opened it up. And there were 48 sponge brushes!!!

(That's just the top layer)

I guess this was just a case of them. I'm set for a really long time. Yay!

Also, 29.5 lbs of wool, since I never put up the pictures:
And since the yarn desk has morphed a bit, I took new photos, though they are sad, night time, badly-lit photos:

And finally, the shawl I'm working on. I got this yarn from Enchanted Knoll Farm and am in love with it:
This is before I started the lace part. I'm only 4 rows into the lace, but it's pretty easy. Maybe I'll have a new shawl soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More purple

This past Thursday I managed to do some dyeing for the first time in several weeks. The new batch will be on Etsy soon (once I finish the backlog of work I need to do for library school, and catch up on sleep after last night's all-nighter).

I decided on cool colors because it had been a while since I had dyed cool colors. Also, I realized I was severely lacking in the purple department. I dyed 3 purple rovings, though one will probably turn into purple yarn, for a bit of diversity.

I like how this batch turned out. Hopefully other people will like it, too.