Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still Here

Although my life has been insane for the past couple of months, I'm still here, still knitting. I've been working on a few things. First: a hat for my grandmother that only took me a couple of hours to make since I used big yarn and size11 needles:

Then a Celtic cable scarf for myself, from this pattern:

And finally, a pair of socks for myself. I'm almost done with the second sock. These will be the 4th pair of socks I've made, the second pair of adult-sized socks I've made, and the first pair of socks that are actually for me.

I made the cable pattern myself- I had cast on 44 stitches, with k2p2 ribbing to start, and then realized I wanted it to be more interesting than just stockinette for the body of the sock. So I charted out a cable, and came up with this:

It actually isn't so hard, other than the lack of ws rows, which makes me actually have to keep track of whether or not I'm on a cable row. So I'm not sure whether or not I'd use this pattern again. When I'm less lazy I may post a pattern, because even if keeping track of things is annoying, it did come out nicely.