Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I got into a very productive streak with my knitting during break, and finished many things including:

The Monge Blanket, made jointly with my friend for our professor, Dr. Monge.

This scarf (it's finished in real life, but this is when I had the opportunity to photograph it.) It's made with purple alpaca silk, and white alpaca, the latter of which I spun myself. The limiting factor was the white alpaca yarn, which took a while to spin, since I did it on the wheel and wasn't home very often.

And then I finished plying the silk.

Of course, that put me in the situation of having nothing to knit, and I was having trouble deciding on a project, but now I have a few things on my needles, so all is well.

I also picked up a lace shawl booklet on Sunday, so now I have shiny shawls to knit. It's called Wrapped in Comfort. The patterns are really pretty, and I would highly recommend it.