Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Crocheting in Israel

I'm in Israel now! I'm less than 60 rows away from finishing my Clapotis, and each row gets shorter, so I might finish it tonight or tomorrow. Which means I'm going to have to copy down a sock pattern since I have no way of printing here.

Right before I left I finished my big spinning project- turquoise colonial wool, 2 ply, no clue on the yardage. It took forever. But the recipient was very happy with it and that's what counts and now I can go back to my commissioned knitting.

Today I was in Tel-Aviv and Yafo (Jaffa). There were a bunch of galleries we visited, and I saw this shop.

Of course I had to go in. Turns out this one woman crochets all these decorations by hand. I didn't take any pictures while inside the store itself, but here's a closer look at one of the wall-hangings so you can get an idea.

That's all crocheted. If I still crocheted, I would totally try making some of these.

Also, behind a curtain was a room which housed this woman's ginormous yarn stash. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the giant yarn stash.

Hopefully there will be more knitting-related pictures from Israel in the near future.

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