Sunday, June 08, 2008

Recent FOs

I finally got around to taking pictures of some of my recent finished objects today. It beats doing actual Shavuot preparation (like cleaning.)

This is my "graduation shawl" that I finished today. It's made out of recycled silk. It's all garter stitch, but the yarn works and it looks very pretty. It's a graduation shawl because I started it around graduation time last year, knit it during the ceremonies, put it away for a year and took it out around graduation time this year and also knit it during the graduation ceremonies.

This is some merino/tussah silk blend on my wheel right now. I'm finally getting good at having a consistent yarn. I think this will look very pretty when plied. As usual I have no clue what I'm going to make with it.

This is some colonial wool. I wanted it to be 1 giant skein, but my ball winder had other plans. So it's two big skeins. It's 2 ply, and I think it's dk weight, though it's not 100% even. It's for a friend of mine who just graduated. Unfortunately I finished it on Friday morning and she left Thursday evening so I'll have to mail it to her.

This is some light blue merino I was practicing drafting from the fold on. At the time I thought it was very thin, but looking at it, it's not so thin. But I have tons of the wool, so it's okay. It's the softest wool I've ever worked with, so spinning the rest will be fun when I get to it.

This is some merino fromPoppy Flower Fibers that I'm spinning on my drop spindle. So far I have 2 spindles full. When it's all spun I'll ply it on the wheel. This may take a while, though.

And that's it. I probably should get back to the laceweight shawl or to the Puppet Johns my housemate commissioned. Though now I have 49 hours of manditory non-knitting/non-spinning time. Yay for Jewish holidays which eat my life!

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