Saturday, August 09, 2008


So a friend of mine for whom I'm making a scarf has a friend with an alpaca farm. My friend thought it would be cool if his scarf were made out of yarn from his friend's alpacas, consider he's hung out with these alpacas before.

The fleece from the first cut had already been spun, but he had stuff from the second cut, which is of lower quality, which he was willing to sell to me for a really good price assuming I could spin with it, otherwise I was to just keep it.

It came on Thursday. I tried spinning it, and it worked. Here's a shot of it in the bag:

And here it is on the table, where you can get a better idea of scale:

I love my giant mass of alpaca.

By the way, this is the roving I bought in June that I can't knit with :)

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