Sunday, June 06, 2010


I dyed a bunch of things on Tuesday and Wednesday, which I have yet to list on Etsy, since I need to name them and whatnot. But I figured I'd give you all a preview of some of them:

Also, I spent the day carding and spinning. I'm hoping to get a bunch of skeins done between now and the craft show, though it's seeming less likely, considering the craft show is in 3 weeks. A skein a day would give me 21 skeins, but I doubt I can be that productive, especially once my classes start up. I'll have a lot of roving to sell, but I feel like there are more knitters in the world than there are spinners, and that the yarn will sell better. But I can always offer to do a custom spinning job if people wanted to commission me to spin up one of my rovings.

Also, carding until you injure yourself is not a good idea.

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