Friday, May 02, 2008

Why do I make so many dice bags?

Apparently I make a lot of dice bags. Perhaps this has to do with my newfound D&D obsession. Multiply that for my desire to knit things for everyone I know, and you get this:

So there are 5 people in my party including me, though not including our 6th party member who doesn't exist. So I decided to make them all dice bags. The top two and the bottom one and another one not pictured are for them. They're all finished now, but I haven't had a chance to upload the other photos. The other two were made before I made the decision to have plot relevant character colored dice bags, so the red one will probably be used as a change purse for me, while the green one will sadly sit. If our 6th party member were to come into existence again, it could be his (he is plot relevantly green, though I didn't know it at the time of making this bag). But he has only been to one session out of the 8 we've had thus far; being at the 3rd session and then missing the past 5 weeks. So he really doesn't exist. I have nothing against him, but it's hard to give a dice bag to someone who doesn't exist.

My lace shawl has also been started:

It doesn't look like much yet. This is because it isn't much yet. But now that I'm done with those dice bags, I can go back to knitting it. Yay!

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