Monday, May 12, 2008

Hopefully this will be my last dice bag post for a while

I eventually got unlazy enough to upload the rest of the photos, so here's the last dice bag, and a picture of all of them together.

When I presented them to my party last Sunday they seemed to like them, though the person to whom I gave the white bag was a bit confused (it's ginormous because I used hand spun yarn that was really bulky and required size 11 needles, and even though I reduced the amount of stitches in it by a lot, it still made a ginormous bag). I told him that if it seemed too big, it meant that he needed to buy more dice.

The small maroon one from my last post became my new thing to carry money, since I lost my wallet 2 weeks ago. (It sucked, but it wasn't the end of the world since most of my important cards weren't in there.) It works pretty well, though I had to put in a new drawstring because he original one broke. I guess that's what happens when you use 1ply handspun yarn, especially something really thin and one of my earliest attempts at spinning.

The shawl is not much bigger than it was before. But it's now my primary project. It requires attention, though, so it's not so ideal for class knitting. But I'm done with classes for the year! (Until the summer, that is...)

I also got to spin more golden bamboo last night, which was fun. I'm getting better at it. I still have no clue what I'm going to do with the yarn when I finish...

Also, I have the urge to buy another lb of dice. Is this a bad sign?


Sandy said...

Tell me about dice bags. I popped over from Homespun Helpers and I've never heard of dice bags. I mean I know what dice are, but you spend a lot of time gambling in Vegas and take your own dice in a bag?

Love some of the colors I saw in the pics.

Feel for ya with losing your wallet. I had my whole purse stolen about this time last year, what a pain in bu...that was. I had my sun glasses on at the time my car was broken into and purse stolen, so my purse, money, all my credit cards, drivers license, and my regular glasses. It was beyond irritating, expensive and inconveniant. I was photographing gravestones at a really cool cemetery when it happened. I wasn't alone even. The person I was, left there windows open....they left his car alone. Go figure.

Welcome mats always out, so please pop in for a visit, and have a nice day

Knitter of shiny things said...


I don't think Vegas would allow someone to bring their own dice, since they have special dice which are cut so that each side weighs the same, since normal dice are slightly uneven, though by such a minuscule amount that no one would notice.

The dice are for my Dungeons and Dragons game. We roll a lot of dice, since the success of pretty much every action in the game is determined by the roll of a die (or multiple dice depending). And I have numerous dice of different shapes and sizes. If you look a few posts back (here)you can see a picture of them.

Theoretically you don't need 100 dice in the game, but they can come in handy when you need to roll a bunch at the same time (and this happens a lot).

And I'm sorry about your purse. It turns out someone turned in my wallet last night, so now I have it back, and nothing was missing from it, which is pretty remarkable.