Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dice are nice

When my friend told me that he needed to get more dice, I decided that I, too, needed more dice. So I went on the internets and ordered a Chessex pound-o-dice. I don't think I realized the enormity of this.

Meanwhile, at D&D on Sunday I found out that my friend really doesn't have that many dice. The dice bag is more than big enough to hold them all.

Lo and behold, my pound-o-dice came today. And they weren't kidding when they said around 100 dice. Look at them!

Aren't they pretty? So I probably have more dice than I can use. So I took the set of 7 that came with it and put it with my original set of 7 in my dice bag, and they are happily mingling. (They're the white and blue speckled ones in the lower left. The original set is the one in the pictures of the dice bag 2 posts ago). I also made myself another set of 7 from what I had.

Then I decided that my friend needed a set of 7, except that the 7th die, the d10 that goes 0 to 00 by tens, is missing since I only got one outside the complete set. Instead, he gets 2 d20s, and also 2 d6s, one with the dots and one with the numerals.

Also, I decided that since I got 24 d20s, I could easily give one to everyone in my party, even the guy who is playing a rogue assassin who tried to kill us rather than join the party like he was supposed to. Maybe I'll curse his die or something. I might also give everyone d8s, though maybe not. I rather like having d8s, since I use them for damage with my fire spells. And I have my original one, the one in the complete set, one for my random set, and then 5. And there are 5 of them.

I might also give a d20 to everyone in the Saturday party (there are 2 campaigns since 12 of us wanted to play, so 5 besides me are in my party, and then 6 are in the Saturday party. I'm friends with 5 of them, the 6th being a random person from another school whom I've never met). I'm undecided. It would leave me with 9 d20s outside of my 3 sets, which is more than I need, but then again, maybe I do need 15 d20s for something. I could instead give them d10s. Or d6s (though that would be lame. Anyone can get a d6). The d20s are rolled more often in D&D than any other type of die. But if the DM has 2 more d20s, I doubt they'll have problems.

Here is my dice bag, by the way:

Sadly, it isn't big enough to hold all these dice. Maybe each type can have its own bag. Or I can have a large bag for all of the ones not in my 3 sets.


SkeinGoddess said...

Gotta love E-bay! I don't know D&D but those look like some pretty fun Dice.:) P.S. I linked you in my blogger of the day, so now we have a collective 2 ish readers to share:)

Knitter of shiny things said...

They are definitely shiny and fun. I actually got together with a friend for coffee tonight, and we spent most of the time organizing the dice by type and color and putting them into families and stuff (this is probably not what people normally do with a pound of dice...)

Thanks for the link! You're now in my blogroll, so you can share my collective, um... 1 reader(?)