Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Interior Decorating Revolution!

We finally got around to putting up the artwork in my house today. We have a sad common room, which is less sad now that it has a giant couch and a TV table, but still lacked color.

So we added some paintings:

However, the room still lacks color. Specifically, the trim on the windows is really sad. Some of the paint is peeling off. So either we could cover it up with curtains, or we could paint the trim.

But what color(s)?

We lacked paint chips, however, I had a full palette of colors. Behold, interior decorating with wool!

Maybe we could do purple:

or red:

or turquoise-ish-purple-blue-something-or-other:

or light green:

I think you can probably do the same thing with different colors of yarn. Now you don't need to go get paint chips! And wool is so much softer than paint chips. Maybe we should just put the wool up. Except then I can't spin it...

We still haven't decided what color to paint the trim or what kind of curtains we want, but there might be some purple. Also, our floor is sad, too, and needs a big purple rug. Maybe we'll even paint the ceiling fan.


Sandy said...

Have fun, decorating can be fun...though it can also be frustrating and expensive. Best of luck.

Maybe put up a rod and hang your yarn there, it would change when you spin it, you'd put other pieces waiting on their turn to spin.


Knitter of shiny things said...


I was think about a rod for displaying yarn/roving, though we ended up deciding for now that having my roving live on my yarn desk created this really cool rainbow effect that actually looked better than displaying the rovings.

We actually lucked out in terms of expenses. All of the artwork up there was painted by my housemate, and in general none of us bought art specifically for the new place, since we all already had art.

Also, my dad owns a hardware store, so that means free paint for me and at cost paint for the rest of the house. At this point we're mostly done, except for this room being really sad and colorless.