Friday, January 22, 2010

Gloves and wool!

I finished the gloves. And they fit! Yay, gloves!

I'm not sure if i can make gloves for people whose hands I do not have frequent access to. I made these by having Riv first trace her hand and measure the wrist circumference, and then at various points I had her try them on. So the whole idea of following a pattern and having gloves fit seems foreign to me. Maybe it works for other people, but I have not tried it yet, and am kind of afraid to.

In completely unrelated news, my mom called me tonight; it turns out one of her coworkers has a farm with 3 sheep, and has wool lying around that is currently being unused. So I can have it for free! I'll have to card it myself, but I have a drum carder, which I haven't use much yet, but I want to try it out. Hopefully the wool will be of good quality, and then I could sell batts or yarn in my Etsy store. Or I could at least spin it for myself and have a sweater or something. (I didn't bother asking what kind of sheep, since my guess is my mom wouldn't have known the answer. I guess I can ask her to ask the coworker.)

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