Monday, January 18, 2010

In which the Knitter of Shiny Things loses the Great Shawl Race

Some time in November, Riv wanted to make a lace shawl, and had me print out some patterns for her, since she lacks a printer. She decided to make the Northern Lights shawl. The pattern was actually pretty easy, and so I decided that I, too, would make this shawl.

So I cast on, already a couple of weeks behind Riv. Much unlike me, Riv likes to work on one knitting project at a time. I, on the other hand, was working on a bunch of spinning commissions (see previous post), a hat that was a Channukah present for a friend, a sock, a cowl, and gloves for Riv (which I'm almost finished with).

I'm about halfway through chart 2. Here's a kinda blurry photo of it, taken recently:

Riv just finished the shawl today, minus blocking, since our blocking wires have not arrived in the mail yet. So I have lost the race. I knew it was a losing battle, what with the head start on her part and the zillion other projects on my part, but still, I wish I could have done a little better. After all, she has a job and I'm still unemployed and haven't started library school yet. Shouldn't I be spending all my free time knitting?

Nope. I do actually have a life outside of knitting, and outside of the shawl. Now that she's finished hers, there's less of a rush on mine. I'm hoping to finish the gloves tomorrow.

And I dyed a bunch of things on Friday, and will photograph them at some point in the near future.

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