Monday, March 17, 2008

Manos, part II*

So after I finished my Manos hat on Tuesday, I started a pair of wristwarmers. Since I had 2 skeins (though one was about 2/3 used up) I decided to do as the pattern recommended and make both at once. After a small failure with doing the front cables wrong (by starting at the beginning instead of knitting 3 first) I restarted on Thursday and finished them last night (minimal weaving in still required). I'll post pictures after I take them.

And I was able to complete one wristwarmer with the leftover yarn from the first skein without having to take any yarn from the second skein. And still there was a bit left in that skein. So theoretically I could make another hat, but I'm going to use some of the yarn to redo the top of my existing Manos hat, since it's a bit tight and I think if I add a few rows to the decrease (or in general) it should be fine. Of course, with the cable pattern I'm not sure how to add rows and keep it looking nice and not screw up the pattern too much, but I'll deal with that.

Meanwhile, the list of people I need to knit shiny things for is still growing. One I found out about Saturday night and the other just now. Ack.

*If they ever make a sequel to "Manos, the Hands of Fate" I will be very, very sad. In fact, I would posit that there was no justice in the world were such a thing to happen.

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