Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lots of knitting

So the Coronet from my last post is finished. I actually ended up using another pattern for the top of the hat, since I liked the decreases better. It makes little spirals on top by having the decreases be in the same spots.

And it fits. This makes me very happy, because now I have a hat that fits. It only took me half of winter to get one...

I then started a sock. Hedera. It is shiny and I have the lace pattern memorized now, so it should go quickly once I get back to working on it. I admit, I've strayed a bit, since although I love it, I also want to work on something(s) with bigger yarn.

And also I had a WIP which had been long-abandoned, even though I was more than halfway done. Another set of Irish Hiking wristwarmers. So I went and finished those:

I spun the yarn myself. The purple was kind of large so I had to switch to bigger needles to be able to work with it. The purple is Corriedale and the green is Colonial. I had a bit of leftover yarn:

It sat happily on top of my German homework for the photo shoot. I think this was the one about Paul's sermons, and his trip to Thessalonika and Philippi.

And on Thursday night I decided to make a dice bag for a friend of mine who is DMing a D&D campaign that I am a part of. (When I tell my friends about this, I say, "Guess what I'm doing now? I'll give you a hint: it's the nerdiest thing ever." Most of them actually guess D&D first, and are surprised when they are right!) He keeps his dice in a CVS bag, which is sad. So I worked like crazy to finish it before Shabbat. And I did.

I used this pattern, size medium, though with bigger yarn and needles than called for, plus I added two rows. Yet I was still afraid it wasn't going to be big enough, because he has numerous dice. So I tried it out with my own dice:

I only have 7. But they are shiny.

So after measuring it against my dice, I thought theoretically it could be big enough, but there was still the chance that it wouldn't be. However, I still brought it to gaming last night, and he loves it, and says he needs to get more dice now. Apparently it is big enough. Yay!

And it's always nice to use up scrap yarn. Part of the reason I knit this so quickly was because it was made out of dishcloth cotton, which is not very shiny on the grand scale of shiny yarns, so I wanted to be done with it. And I could have theoretically used my big skein of one color, but I like these colors better. Plus, when you tell me that you have no favorite or least favorite color and "colors are pretty" you can expect me to do something like this.

Maybe I'll start making dice bags on commission if other people who game think they need them. First, however, I must make one for myself. And I need to buy more dice. Whee!

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